Tips to succeed with Big Data

Matt Ocko, co-CEO of San Francisco’s Data Collective, said, “Big Data is a revolution of the entire IT industry”. That statement shows that Big Data is really important in this age. And, “How to succeed with Big Data?” is still a difficult question. Let’s answer in the following article.

  1. The potential of Big Data

According to SAS, Twitter has 500 million new tweets a day. Facebook has 1.15 billion members making huge amounts of data including text, photo, and video. The same thing happens on Google, YouTube… Within four hours of Black Friday in 2012, Walmart dealt with more than 10 million cash transactions, which means about 5,000 transactions per a second. And, all are processed by Big Data.

Thanks to Big Data, in 2013, Amazon had a turnover of $74 billion, IBM reached more than $16 billion.

All of the above figures show the great and unlimited potential of Big Data.

  1. Tips to succeed with Big Data
  • Making sure that your data processor is good enough

Each company has an enormous amount of data created every minute. Before starting to transfer it to useful information, you need to make sure of a good processor. How can you do? Systems called supercomputers that will process your data. Your task is to control it, make sure you have enough bandwidth and capacity to run that system effectively.

  • The great combination of Hadoop and Warehouse

This combination works effectively in organizing your system. As the Warehouse stores your important data, Hadoop includes all of the unrelated data that can be analyzed for future use. Warehouse seems to be weaker in processing data, but that’s what Hadoop does best. When combined together, they make great results.

  • Ready for changes and long-term plans.

Using Big Data, you cannot keep the current technology infrastructure. Data is more and more, so the technology of data management must be also advanced. The best tools and methods today can be good enough but future ones will be better. Maintaining this flexibility of business is creating new products and new ideas. Let prepare for the long-term plans as well as the latest changes.

  • Not Just Storage – Safe Storage.

Security is the priority for bringing Big Data into your organization. You should be always ready for the common attacks, and maintain information security. Let encrypt your data and verify your password to keep the data secure. Protecting Big Data does not cost too much and it’s not complicated.

Did you know that a business can spend $5.4 – $136 million on a piece of data stolen?

  • Do not ignore the warnings.

No matter how good the technology is, you should never ignore the fact that the system itself causes errors. There are detection tools that are used to find information in a timely manner. Because of different approaches, the analysis of data depends on the data type.

Here are some tips to succeed with Big Data. Let take the opportunity and Big Data can bring you a record number of sales you’ve never have.

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